Rebecca Francis is a certified personal trainer and nutritional therapist whose goal is to empower others to find joy, confidence and strength through movement, nourishment and mindfulness practices. With a passion for supporting the bio-individuality of each person she works with, Rebecca aims to make each session relevant to her clients, whether that is through a personalized workout, functional nutrition counseling or guided meditation.

Having trained clients ranging in age from 16 to 82, from athletes and professional dancers to people with chronic diseases and limited mobility, Rebecca knows how to tailor each training session to the needs and goals of each individual she works with.

Through nutritional therapy, Rebecca helps clients understand the connection between nutrition and mood, ability to focus, energy levels, sleep patterns, pain and inflammation and the overall ability to live and function optimally. With targeted functional assessments, Rebecca has successfully helped her clients identify and recover from hidden stressors, nutritional deficiencies and food sensitivities.

Having seen the positive effects of establishing a consistent meditation practice of her own, Rebecca began leading clients in meditation to help them better connect with and reach their health and fitness goals as well as to recover from injury and surgery. Rebecca has experience leading meditation groups and one-on-one guided meditation sessions.

Rebecca has been a certified personal trainer since 2009 and a certified nutritional therapy practitioner since 2013. She has a background in martial arts and is currently a student in Integrated Movement Therapy, a Yoga therapy modality that combines movement with language stimulation, self-calming techniques, self-esteem building and play.

Prior to entering the field of health and wellness, she worked for many years in the service industry and also in social justice as a grassroots community organizer. When not training or working with clients, Rebecca enjoys dancing and exploring the outdoors with her daughter.